About us

The association’s purpose

The purpose of the association is to work for an innovative development of bicycle culture both a national and an international level. The association’s activities serve to highlight the development potential of cycling culture across disciplines. The association works to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and interdisciplinary dialogue on important issues related to the economy, mobility, sustainability and urban development. This is done in a holistic process involving both design, technology, mobility behavior, urban development and traffic planning. Bicycle Innovation Lab is a national and international reference point for groundbreaking solutions that support cycling in urban areas.


The Board of Directors consists of:

Chairman: Lasse Rossen

Vice Chairman: David Clark

Treasurer: Riccardo Zanetti

Managing director: Joe Storm

Paul Blakemore

Andrew Maddock



Sieme Bossier



Articles of Association

Bicycle Innovation Lab’s articles of association can be found here, in danish only.