We have developed a 3 week course to get more primary school students on bicycles. The course consists of various themes that all relate back to the bicycle, and a week long experimental bike building project.


About the project

Together with Furesø Municipality and other partners we have developed a course to increase the percentage of cyclists among school children. The method of teaching makes the bike relevant as an interdisciplinary teaching object in subjects such as mathematics, science & technology, art or history, while promoting the children’s desire to cycle.
Together with Furesø Municipality, Aalborg University’s Department of Learning & Philosophy and we have developed a concept for students around 12 years that takes three weeks. During these weeks the bicycle will be used as a theme for interdisciplinary work in the subjects of History, Danish, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Home Economics, Design and Sports. The key words in the process are cooperation and innovation. The teaching is both theoretical and practical and the overall vision is to create the future of cyclists by giving students a personal ownership of the bike.

Contact us

Contact us if you have questions about the project.


Bicycle Innovation Lab:

Joe Collins, manager


Furesø Kommune:

Lene W. Hartmann, klimaprojektleder


Institut for Læring & Filosofi,

Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg:

Torben U. Rosenørn, lektor

Hans Jørgen Boye Pedersen,