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Christiania cargo bike

3 wheeler cargobike

This cargobike was used for mail delivery by the Danish Postal Service before it was donated to the Bicycle Innovation Lab. It has a big box, with a lid that can be closed and locked.

Christianiabikes made the first modern Danish cargobike. It has been produced in Denmark since 1984. Christianiabikes won the “Dansk Design Centers Klassikerpris” in 2010/2011, a well-known Danish design award.

Technical Specifications:

Frame: Anodized Aluminum
Wheels: 24 ”
Gear: 7 Shimano Nexus
Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brake front, and Footbrake back
Length and Width : 208 x 87 cm
Box (LxWxH): 88 x 62 x 59 cm


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