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Medlemspris 5600 KR. (AddBike), 1750 kr. (Carry’Box Kid), 999 kr. (Carry’Box). 

AddBike is a cargo bike conversion kit that quickly and easily transforms your everyday 2 wheel bicycle into a 3 wheel cargo bike (with an advanced ‘double-tilting’ steering design). The AddBike also comes with 2 optional add-ons ideal for transporting a child (Carry’Box Kid) and cargo (Carry’Box).


The AddBike simply replaces the font wheel and attaches to the bike in under a minute. It is equipped with hydraulic brakes that are controlled by a single brake lever mounted to the handlebars. Maximum weight of load: 35 kg


The AddBike is designed, manufactured and assembled in France. Bicycle Innovation Lab is the sole distributor for Denmark.




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Medlemspris 5999 KR. (AddBike), 1750 kr. (Carry’Box Kid), 999 kr. (Carry’Box). Normalpris 6500 KR. (AddBike), 2000 kr (Carry’Box Kid), 1250 kr.(Carry’Box)


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  • Check-out time 17:00


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