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Bosch Speed Pedelec 10.7

With the Victoria E-Spezial 10.7, it is possible to reach up to 45 km/h with power assistance from the centre motor. This bike is perfect for commuting long distances to work especially outside of the city and on long open roads.


It is now legal to ride speed pedelecs in Denmark on bicycle paths without a number plate or moped licence (over the age of 18). Read more about the law on speed pedelecs.


If you want to borrow and cycle our speed pedelecs, you need to make sure you have:


– A helmet.

– Liability insurance. Can be set up with (and cancelled within 14 days for free).


Special parts to compare when testing:


  • Bosch performance line speed – electric motor
  • 13.4 Ah, 500 Wh battery
  • electric horn/bell
  • brake lights



  • Check-in time 18:00
  • Check-out time 17:00


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