Muli is a new type of compact cargo bike that has the capability to transport large loads in its 100 liter capacity cargo box, but is also compact and extremely maneuverable with the cargo box itself folding in half when not in use – down to a width of only 28cm. In this compact state the bike can easily be stored in urban parking areas, taken onto a train, stored in an apartment etc. Muli is also relatively short in wheelbase length for ease of maneuverability and storage – only 195cm, about the same as traditional bicycle. Muli also features handles on the basket area and is relatively easy to lift and move around in order to fit the bike into certain specified parking spots for example – not normally possible with a traditional cargo bike. 

Muli is fully constructed in Germany with local suppliers and sustainable design has been utilized throughout. Muli designers use fair working conditions and a high level of environmental, social and quality standards. They are also passionate about working with dealers who share their passion for pushing sustainable modes of urban mobility and pushing cars to the outskirts of cities. 


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