Tern GSD

The Tern GSD is a highly compact and heavy-duty electric cargo bike. Its highly adaptable design offers many add-ons that make it one of the most useful and innovative bikes available. Storage-wise it features many options: removable standard sized front rack, optional 2 Cargo Hold panier bags at the rear or up to 6 panier bags total for touring situations (2 front, 4 rear). Another possible setup for families with children is the option to fit two child seats on the stable elongated rear platform, or one child seat plus one KLICKfix seat cushion for adults (with retractable foot pegs), or one child seat plus cargo hold.

The Tern GSD features a low design-construction and small wheels combined with a slightly longer wheelbase (relative to the small frame) that makes for a very stable and comfortable ride with a customizable and generally relaxed position. Wheelbase is about the same as a traditional bicycle so transporting on to a train is simple. The rear rack design of the Tern GSD allows the bike to stand vertically for storage in small apartments for example – and folding handlebar design allows for easy storage in cars or other tight spaces.

Bosch’s Dual-Battery technology gives a healthy range of up to 250km on a single charge for excellent touring or commuting capabilities.



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