Bicycle Library


The bicycle library represents a viable alternative to cars. These are bicycles that easily carry heavy bulky loads (cargo bikes) and effortlessly travel long distances quickly (e-bikes and road/racer bikes) or combine well with public transport (folding bikes).



In the same location and open at the same time as the Bike library, we have now created a social bicycle workshop space with 6 workstations and technical support for members to become actively bike self sufficient.

Events & Talks


We provide a platform for the exploration and advancement of bicycle centred opportunities through various debates, workshops and events.



We have developed a 3 week course to get more primary school students on bicycles. The course consists of various themes that relate back to the bicycle, and a week long experimental bike building project.



The Good City exhibition illustrates how bicycle infrastructure, using copenhagen as an example, can transform a city and solve many of its problems. Our internationally recognised exhibition can be loaned from us locally or abroad.

Bicycle Consultancy

and Project Development


Through our specialist Bicycle Innovation Lab experience with various bike related projects we are now offering a service to provide bicycle related knowledge and project development.

Over the years we have built up data, contacts, and expertise suitable to advance bicycle activities and develop bike culture in diverse contexts.

Research & Data


Our data from questionnaires show that the Bicycle library does work. People who try out specialist bicycles are more likely to buy one for themselves, cycle more, and are less dependent on car travel.

We don’t just loan out utility bikes at Bicycle Innovation Lab, but also:

The bikelibrary

(to events, companies and venues for upto a week).


(for offsite repairs and in our experimental bike building course for kids).

Workshop repair events

(custom designed bicycle repair workshops & courses with experienced mechanics for events,companies and venues. Tools, bike parts and even bikes can be provided for the workshop).

Bike experts

(for developing and managing bicycle related projects and events).

Bike exhibition

(25 large posters of text and images showing how bicycles can solve most of our city problems!)