Rodeo Adventure Labs

Rodeo Adventure Labs

Here at Bicycle Innovation Lab HQ it goes without saying that we are fans of new cycle-related technology and innovations, but we are not necessarily limited to promoting bicycles that offer great altenatives to the car. We’re also for the enjoyment of riding regular drop bar road / gravel / adventure bikes.

One company we believe is really pushing some new and exciting boundaries in the gravel scene at the moment is Rodeo Adventure Labs. The small Colorado-based company currently makes only two bikes, but they are both incredibly unique and forward thinking. First, Flaanimal is their more affordable adventure bike – made with tried and tested Reynolds 725 steel (arguably some of the best steel in the business) complete with a full carbon fork, or ‘Spork’. And then there’s Traildonkey, their full beautiful lightweight carbon, high-end machine. 

Flaanimal 4.1 steel framesets in three available colourways.

Each of these spectacular bikes offer exceptional craftsmanship and future-proof features throughout. For example, not a lot of bikes on the market at the moment are currently offering the unique sliding rear dropout-feature as seen on Flaanimal. This type of dropout could very well become more prevalent on so called “do-it-all” bikes in the near future. In the words of Rodeo themselves, this feature offers up “a huge range of gearing, axle, drive types, and braking options”. They allow the rider to customize their wheel radius – making it tighter & more nimble for road riding, or a wider radius for more stability when riding off road, or down steep hills etc. Not to mention ease of adjusting wheel and drivetrain alignment. 

Both Flaanimal and Traildonkey are highly adaptable bikes which can easily be used for road riding with smaller 28mm slick tires, or make use of their massive frame and fork clearances by swapping the wheelset for some with wide tires – up to 45mm and even 50mm  (yes…50mm clearances will be seen on the forthcoming Flaanimal due out in March 2020 – same size as the current Traildonkey).  “Normal” frame clearances on other road and even city bikes comparatively are usually nowhere near the 45-50mm range. Clearance of anything above 45mm as seen on Flaanimal makes it pretty much the only steel bike we know of in existence that is able to fit tires this huge.  The “interchangeable dropout routing system” of Flaanimal allows for many types of riding setups too. This unique feature on the Flaanimal can transform the frame – from a mountain bike with straight bars, to single speed commuter bike, to a road bike with drop bars and multiple gears. With a few additional of components and some tweaking here and there, the possibilities seem almost endless. 

An example of Rodeo Lab’s ‘Spork’s HUGE fork clearances for fitting larger and much more comfortable tires.

For those not familiar with benefits of riding with larger tires such as 35-45mm for example – as can be fitted on these Rodeo frames: firstly, and most importantly using larger tires allows you to ride with much lower pressures than would normally be possible on a more common frame. Regular clearances and narrow tires are typically way down in the 23-28mm range. Riding bigger tires allows you to lower your tire pressures, thus dramatically increasing the comfort level – allowing for a much more plush and forgiving ride – on bumpy gravel tracks. This significantly improves the off-road experience and makes it possible to spend longer periods of time in the saddle without discomfort. Secondly, when riding on an off-road style bike, mud and dirt can easily become caked on to your tires (see photo above) thus rendering the wheel essentially inoperable sometimes, as it’s physically unable to turn, rubbing against the frame and fork.

Both Flaanimal and Traildonkey are available as complete bikes with a vast range of customizable groupsets and components based on rider level, personal preference and of course budget. Framesets are available too for those who would prefer to build a bike themselves. 

Traildonkey 3.0. Rodeo Adventure Lab’s full carbon, do-it-all adventure bike.

We are excited to announce that Bicycle Innovation Lab is the sole distributor for Rodeo Adventure Labs products for Denmark. For ordering get in touch with us! Order a frames set get discounted access to our workshop membership with all the support and spare parts needed to  build your own Rodeo Adventure Labs frameset!

NB: Rodeo’s older stock such as 2018/2019 Flaanimal framesets for example are currently discounted by roughly 250USD (approx 1600DKK), but these probably won’t last long so please give us a holler soon if interested in placing an order. 

Bicycle Innovation Lab is also planning social group rides in 2020 for both road & gravel weekend rides in and around Copenhagen – more info to come 

Read more about Rodeo products on their extensive website: and drop us a line with any order requests or questions about products at


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