The workshop

Bike Lab workshop

In the same location, and open at the same time as the Bike library, we have a bicycle workshop space with 6 workstations and technical support for members to become actively bike self sufficient.

The workshop is stocked with a selection of professional grade tools and basic spare parts. Members can also order, through us, specialist parts for their bikes from the main spare parts wholesalers in Denmark.

We have also started to collaborate with other local non-profit social bike workshops, mainly through collective tool and spare parts ordering, workshop events and collecting unwanted bike from recycle centres.


Open workshop events

We now hold regular free workshop events with experienced guest mechanics, from Butchers & Bicycles, Biomega and Flydende By UpCycles. Workshops are suitable for everyone to participate in, and range from basic repairs like changing worn tyres to more advanced repairs like wheel building and chainset replacement. If you’re a bike mechanic and would like to give a workshop or facilitate the workshop space, join as a member through involvement! Read more here [link].

Loan out a bicycle workshop event or repair course

This includes tools, spare parts, equipment and an experienced mechanic who will give a customised bicycle workshop event, by arrangement.


The Bicycle Innovation Lab workshop and bicycle library is situated in two black containers by the roundabout (Prags Boulevard next to Prismen sports hall)

2300 København S