Our Space

Bicycle Innovation Lab is a member-run cooperative dedicated to improving bicycle access for the working people of Copenhagen. With four work stands, nearly every tool, members of BIL become self-reliant and knowledgeable. We are based out of a retrofitted shipping container in Amagerbro.

At the Bike Lab, we regularly host Do-It-Together open days on which everyone is welcome to bring and repair their own bicycle. There is usually an experienced mechanic available to help and answer questions. All open days are posted on our Facebook page as an event. We hope to see you at the next one!

The Bike Lab has a selection of professional tools, stands and some common spare parts needed for basic repairs. We encourage you to bring any major spare parts your bike needs to be installed on an open day.

Open Workshops

In the past we've partnered and held workshops with Butchers & Bicycles, Biomega, and Flydende By UpCycles. All have been welcome to take part in these workshops, which span topics from common repairs, like replacing worn-out tires, to more advanced repairs, like wheel-building or changing out gears.

If you are a bike mechanic and would like to be a volunteer at one of our open workshop days, please consider becoming a member of Bicycle Innovation Lab.

CVR: 34670048