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Miljøpunkt Amager har i næste uge et arrangement om byluft og transportvaner i København med tre spændende oplæg 👍🚴🚗 Du kan læse mere inde på begivenheden: Temamøde om luftforurening i byen

👉 I 2019 gennemførte G/F Ørestad Universitetskvarter et stort elcykelprojekt i samarbejde med Bicycle Innovation Lab, DR, Nordea Danmark og Moving People. Deltagerne tog i tre uger elcyklen på arbejde, hvorefter de evaluerede forløbet. Det kan man læse mere om her: http://orestad.net/nyheder/news-article/…
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November 3rd  ·  

Coronavirus: How pandemic sparked European cycling revolution: https://bbc.com/news/world-europe-54353914/… ... See MoreSee Less

October 3rd  ·  

Hey all, we are pleased to announce a new partnership between the Italian manufacturer Rinaldi Telai and the Bicycle Innovation Lab.

Rinaldi Telai is a young Italian bicycle manufacturer innovating on the urban mobility scene with new designs and a high expertise in electric assisted bicycles.
Each bicycle is hand made, designed with attention to fine detail by Daniele Rinaldi (the “Artigiano della Bicicletta”).

We are looking forward to getting our hands on and testing a demo bike of the newly developed GIG - the long john with double front wheel tilting system. It is Ww patented, the trademark of all Rinaldi Telai’s products, a unique quality standard for bicycle safety and stability at higher speeds and payloads.

Stay tuned to find out when #GIG will arrive in Copenhagen and when you can test it with us.AND THIS #GIG GOES TO..






Bicycle Innovation Lab - Copenaghen


First dealer in Denmark.dk , the world capital of #cargobikes 💪

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September 28th  ·  


At the Bicycle Innovation Lab we hold a wide variety of events. Where we aim to facilitate a bicycle oriented collaborative platform for the exploration and development of innovative practical solutions, form a critical and influential discourse with key individuals to impact politics that affect bicycle mobility, as well as share knowledge, tools and skills to empower people to be more actively involved in bicycles and cycling culture.


Here at Bicycle Innovation Lab HQ it goes without saying that we are fans of new cycle-related technology and innovations, but we are not necessarily limited to promoting bicycles that solely offer great alternatives to the automobile. We’re al...

Since early 2018, Bicycle Innovation Lab began to sell bikes directly from the Bike Library, and to private and public organisations. We sell the widest range of cargo, electric, folding and racing bikes – with a discount to help cover membership f...

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